X-RAYTED A comedy reality filming in Ottawa

Featuring Ray Wolfe, X-RAYTED is an eight episode comedy reality show filming in Ottawa this fall. Produced and directed by Spencer Rice, from Kenny v.s. Spenny, and has already been picked up by a major broadcaster.

Wanting to be groundbreaking, this premium Canadian Television broadcaster has committed the funding to Break Through Entertainment for a complete first season. Ray Wolfe is destined for stardom as he bares all in this edgy comedy about his life.

The series in a not a porn nor is it hardcore, it is being “made for TV”. The audience will laugh more than anything else as it shocks you every minute as to how funny this guy is. Wolfe has been on “Late Night with Ed the Sock, and Kenny vs Spenny in season 3.
As a Canadian porn producer with dreams of entering Hollywood, Wolfe is willing to do anything to make his comeback happen. The series will shock his audience with hilarious and unique glimpses of his life and dedication. People will be writing and talking about this series for a long time as it promises to do things that have never been done before. It is definately worth watching. Stay tune for more news and casting calls for this Ottawa bases tv series. Cameras roll fall 2011.