If you like sex you might as well get paid for it

That is the motto of most new porn stars. I have been casting in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal for new 18 to 21 year old stars, and they are of the philosophy that if you love sex, you might as well get paid for it.

So how does a porn site make money? The secret to today’s porn sites for these┬ánew starlets is recurring revenue. This means that each member that signs up, the site revenue goes up – $30 monthly. If 50 new members join this month, that is an increase of 50 x $30 or $1500 that month. Assuming they stay as members and enjoy the monthly updates, that new group of 50 members means that the site revenue increased $18,000 a year. Not bad for signing up 50 new members.

Eighteen and nineteen year old porn stars are doing this for money. Money buys them nice things, bling bling, trips and cars, and shopping sprees. Most 18-21 year old females are in retail or food services making minimum wage. It is hard to save for a car, a vacation, new clothes and shoes, make-up, nails, tanning – with minimum wage.

Porn is like any job, it needs to be taken seriously. It can make you lots of money. If you are committed to the industry, it can be rewarding. The last website my company built for a new star involved a trip to the Bahamas for photos and videos.

I believe in quality. Nice landscapes and backgrounds give the models a better site. Better sites make more money because people want value. If you are thinking of becoming a porn star in the Ottawa area, give me a call. Ray Wolfe 613-371-9653