Minxxx Studios – Are you ready to make $100,000 ?

How much can a Teen (18+) Porn Star make on the Internet?

I have been producing adult films, DVDs, and websites for approx ten years now. A dedictated Internet Model can make over $100,000 a year with only 800 members PER MONTH. Let me show you how and tell what is involved.

First what does my company do? Minxxx Studios provides photograghy, filming (in high-def ), editing, design, marketing, content management, supply both lighting and camera equipment, have a strong affiliate program, and a merchant account that process the transactions. We provide the framework for a model to be successful. If she embraces the lifestyle they could be the next Jenna Jameson. Just to note on Jenna’s biography on TV July 2009 – it stated Jenna is now worth between $20-35 million.

– The model should provide two pieces of idents, at least one photo ident, she should receive between 30-35 percent of the website revenue. The new model should be easy to work with, willing to learn, take direction for appearance, train and eat well, be on time, take the project seriously like a job. That means being in the proper frame of mind – willing and ready to work. She needs to be sexy and FUN.

To be successful, you need to enjoy it. You will be expected to become a porn star and do what you see other rising porn stars are doing. It is competitive, it is work, and it is demanding. Companies are being flooded with applications because teen models don’t want to flip burgers anymore, they want money for new cell phones, clothes, make-up and bigger items like sports cars. Everybody wants to do it. Beautiful ladies in their 20′s, couples,  escorts, they all want it – it is easy money. So why do all this for only 35 %?  It sounds low but let’s add it up to see what her annual income could be.

In the example below, if a model receives 35 % of revenue from her website, and had 500 members sign up directly and another 200 signup through affiliates, then the model would earn $75,600 annually. It is important to understand how affiliates work.

The affiliates are like having another 200 to 400 sales people helping you sell memberships to people around the world. They work on a commision basis which normally is 50 rev share. In our example, if they help sign up another 200 members, they would receive their referral commission first, then the model would receive her percentage.
200 monthly members X $30 x 12 months less 50 percent x 35 percent = $12,600

On the direct sign-ups, the model would receive 35 percent of memberships. Basing a membership on approximately $30 per month, the revenue from 800 members would be 30x800x12 (months) x 35 % = $100,800 plus affiliate sales


The highest selling genre of internet content is 18 and 19 years old Internet models. Many models are lost when they are 18 or 19, and yet this is the highest selling niche. If you want to make some serious money and are comfortable with your body…..call our casting line 613-371-9653 (Ottawa).

The important part then , to website success, is not just getting people to sign up, but to make them happy with updates. Updates are the key to success because that ensures repeat business. So if you are ready to be the next Jenna – call 613-371-9653. Minxxx Studios is now filming in Ottawa and Toronto